Ekelund, Linen Weavery in Horred AB

Ekelund is Sweden's oldest weaving mill with textile roots from the 15th century and as a company since 1692. Artisan-made textiles in timeless design in our factory in Horred on the Swedish west coast. All production in the weaving mill takes place in our own factory. We import yarns, then we weave, finish, and tailor. Our machinery consists of the latest technology, which is efficiently operated by our proud craftsmen. Today, our products can be found all over the world - from smaller shops to large chains, both physical stores and online retailers. We are barely 30 employees who together manage the entire chain in the company, from design to finished product, customer service & finance.

Wall to wall with the factory you will find our store with our current collections and a large outlet sale of outgoing products. Here you can also visit our own exhibition and museum. And if you're curious about how our textiles are created - take a free weaving tour and follow our team and see how the products are formed. Hungry? Grab a bite or a coffee in our café, also in the same building. Ekelund in Horred is well worth a visit - come by too.
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By offering timeless products that reflect the present, we position ourselves for the conscious consumer. Inspired by the Scandinavian design treasure and the natural beauty of our surroundings, we create high-quality and useful textiles for the homes of today and tomorrow.
By promoting Swedish craftsmanship tradition and engaging in exciting design collaborations, we make this rich heritage accessible to a wider audience.

Our production in Horred combines traditional methods with modern weaving techniques, underscoring our commitment to a sustainable future. Ekelund stands not only for quality and tradition but also for responsibility and innovation.


Ekelund stands as a proud symbol of global presence, anchored in the rich Swedish design tradition. Our design philosophy is simple yet profound: to create inspiring and timeless patterns that evoke a sense of homesickness, every day, for both current and future generations.

Contemporary. Sustainable. Genuine


In Ekelund's world, every day is an opportunity to grow and renew. With one foot in tradition and one in the future, we embrace the spirit of the times, are always open to new ideas, and responsive to our customers' desires. We not only create products, we weave dreams and inspiration for a personal and vibrant home.
We continuously renew our range with patterns that reflect the contemporary, and our aim is to always be at the forefront. We strive for a seamless coexistence between tradition and innovation, where every fiber we weave is a step towards a more sustainable and inspiring world.


Our environmentally labeled and organic products, made from carefully selected natural materials, are at the heart of our sustainable approach. We believe in responsible production, where every fiber is part of a larger vision of environmental awareness and quality.

By having full control over the entire production chain, we can continuously fine-tune our manufacturing to match demand and avoid overproduction. This is not just a smart business strategy; it is a way to honor our planet and its resources.

Every Ekelund product is designed to be more than just a textile. With each use, they become not only softer and more inviting, they tell a story. A story of care, of tradition, and of a promise to future generations. This is our way of giving back, our way of ensuring that every product we create not only serves the present but also the future.


Ekelund is not just a company; it is a living tradition rooted in the scenic Horred, in the heart of Viskadalen. We are committed to contributing to the development of the local community and nurturing jobs in the area.

Every product woven in our factory in Horred is a tribute to knowledge, passion, and craftsmanship. Our employees, experts in their field, create our products with precision and dedication that is rare.

Our long tradition of craftsmanship is the core of our brand, from the first stroke on the design sketch to the last detail on the finished textile. We take unique responsibility for the entire chain and guarantee that every Ekelund product is an ambassador for our heritage, our quality, and our promise to the future.


Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Authentic is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching
Ekelund was one of the first textile companies in the world to be environmentally labeled in 1995 with Bra miljöval. Since then, environmental thinking has been a part of everything we do. Everything in our manufacturing is organic, GOTS-certified, and 100% made in Sweden in Horred.

Manufacturing within our own walls
In a time where a large part of the sewing industry is outsourced abroad, we have proudly chosen to keep our manufacturing within our own walls. This not only ensures quality and control over production but also retains jobs in Horred and minimizes transport. Our dedicated staff handles all orders manually. This meticulousness ensures that each product is packaged with the right dimensions, without unnecessary fillers and with unmatched personal service for you as a customer.

Company Details

Ekelund, Linneväveriet i Horred AB
Organization number: 556313-2231
Address: Varbergsvägen 442, 519 30 Horred, Sweden
Email: info@ekelunds.se
Phone number: (+46) 0320-209 000
VAT number: SE556313223101