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Ekelund Linneväveriet in Horred AB

The company Ekelund is sprung out of Viskadalen, a valley and a district characterized by persistence, unity and entrepreneurial spirit. As manufacturing takes place with us here in the village of Horred, we have full control in every step of the production. We stand for quality, sustainability and renewed tradition. When we combine these values with a contemporary expression and assortment, you recive the kind of products that find its natural place in your everyday life.

Our products help you create the beautiful and warm place you call home. We are looking forward to continue the jorney with you.

Everyday and celebration.
Form and function.

How can a trademark that existed for hundreds of years continue to appeal the modern customer? Perhaps it is an ever greater challange, in today's consumer society. We are on a daily basis bombarded with information, connected to an almost infinite supply of goods. Luckily, at Ekelund we already know how to stay on top. Our quality textiles and all the other good things that comes with the Ekelund brand fulfills peoples desire for design and long term sustainability.

Ekelund is sold exclusively via retail, in approx. 25 countries.

Our dealers are exclusive individual shops, gift shops, design and interior stores, cook shops, shop in shops in finer shopping centers, furniture traders gift departments and glass and porcelain stores.

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