Swedish-made from Horred

It is with a sense of pride and dedication that we follow every step of the manufacturing process of our products, which are carefully produced here in Sweden, more specifically in our factory in Horred. Here, at the heart of our business, is the complete production chain - from concept to finished product.

A significant part of our manufacturing process is our own proprietary weaving technology, known as pixel weaving, which accounts for over half of our total production. This technology not only enables a reduction in the number of yarn colours, but also minimises the amount of yarn waste and the need for storage space, which goes hand in hand with our vision of minimising the environmental footprint of our production. We also have a deep respect for traditional weaving techniques, which are an important part of our textile heritage that we endeavour to preserve.


With a strong focus on sustainability and the environment, we only use 100% organic cotton and linen in our textile production. We are also proud to be GOTS certified, which means that we follow the strictest global standards for organic textile production and social responsibility.

At a time when much of the sewing industry has moved abroad, we have thoughtfully chosen to keep this process within our own walls. This is partly to ensure quality and control of production, but also to minimise transport and keep jobs in Horred. Two automated sewing machines are used, which account for over 90% of our sewing. These machines eliminate the risks of injury often associated with repetitive movements in sewing work.

Our dedicated staff manually handles all orders from our own warehouse. This attention to detail ensures that each product is packaged with the right dimensions, without unnecessary padding and with an unrivaled personal service for our customers.

Our production unit houses all the machinery required to create our products. Where we have lacked specific equipment on the market, we have developed solutions ourselves. An example of this is our processing machine, which shrinks, wrinkle-free treats and mangles our textiles with precision. This plant is characterised by unique features that result in a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to traditional technologies. It is completely sealed against drains, halves energy consumption, can treat several weaving webs in width at the same time and leaves no marks on the edges of the needles that hold the fabric in place.