Marita Bergman

Marita Bergman grew up on a small farm in the early 1950s. From an early age, she learned to take matters into her own hands. Her creative spirit was awakened early, and she devoted herself to drawing and painting from a young age. The world of textiles has always fascinated her, and it was in weaving that she found the most captivating technique within textile art. Marita studied at Väfskolan in Borås, Sweden, and found there the opportunity to immerse herself in her passion.

Marita's main source of inspiration is tradition, craftsmanship and the old patterns with simple, but timeless designs. Marita's aim is to preserve the beauty of these patterns while creating new, timeless designs that will endure for generations.

An excellent example of her work is the "Sverige" towel, where her design aims to evoke the feeling of Swedish summer. We are delighted to have Marita Bergman as part of our creative community and to offer her beautiful patterns to you.


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Towel 35X50 cm
100% Organic Cotton


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